French Ring, which was briefly called International Ring Sport in the mid 90's then changed back to French Ring again, is a personal protection sport. It was developed in France as a way to accurately test potential breeding stock for working ability. French Ring is overseen in the Unites States by NARA (North American Ring Association), which reports to the SCC in France.  In Canada Ring is overseen by the CRA.

When competing in Ring, the dog has no collar or leash on at any time except during the heel on leash. No food rewards or physical corrections are allowed at any time while competing. Also, excessive praise/petting will result in a loss of general outlook points. Points for an exercise will be lost for multiple commands, incorrect commands, or failure of the dog or handler to perform the exercise correctly. Control is emphasized from the moment the dog/handler team walks onto the field, until they leave at the end. Ring Sport consists of a number of exercises. A dog that has been trained for Ring III level of competition will be able to do the following:



Hurdle: 0.9m for 8 points with each additional .05m worth 2 points for a total of 20 possible points/1.2m. Note: on the hurdle, the dog receives half the points for jumping over, and half for jumping back.

Long (Broad) Jump: 3m for 8 points with each additional .25m worth 2 points for a total of 20 possible points/4.5m.

Palisade: 1.7m for 8 points with each additional .1m worth 2 points for a total of 20 possible points/2.3m. Note: on the palisade, the dog receives half the points for jumping in, and half for jumping out.

In FRI and FRII, the dog is not required to jump the jumps at maximum. However, the handler can choose to jump as high as they wish. There is a maximum number of points the dog can earn, jumping anything higher will not earn more points. For example, in FRI the jump is worth 12 points. The hurdle at 1m is worth 12 points. The handler can jump it at 0.9 and only earn 8 points, or they could jump it at 1m for the full 12 points. However, if they choose to jump 1.1m that is their option, but they will still only recieve 12 points.

For FRI, the handler has their choice of the hurdle, long jump or palisade. The maximum points they can earn are 12. For FRII the dog must jump all 3 jumps. The maximum points available are hurdle – 16, long jump 12, palisade 10.

CH Sayko Warrior Soul

(son of 2x IPO III WCH Kerang Warrior Soul}


  • barrage – Decoy tries to intimidate the dog to stop him from biting. Depending upon the type of attack, this is usually with the baton in front of the decoy.

  • baton – a bamboo stick that has been split multiple times, or pieces of rattan tied together at one end to form a handle.

  • decoy – the person who is protected by a full body suit from dog bites and used to teach a dog to bite.

  • esquive – dodging, evading, etc. to make the dog miss its bite, slow the dog down on the entry, or force the dog to get only a partial bite (shallow bite).

  • charge – attack by the decoy towards the dog, a charge at the dog

  • SCC – Societe Centrale Canine

  • SCR – Societe Canines Regionales

INT/NAT CH Joker Blue de l'Ame du Loup

(son of 2x IPO III WCH Kerang Warrior Soul)