Herding is not necessarily something all dogs are capable of doing as not all dogs possess the natural instinct required. As rural areas decline and highly populated areas replace them, the need for true herding dogs continues to decline. Breeders now focus on conformation shows and obedience/agility trials, with few striving to test or trial their dogs in the herding pen. For this reason, we encourage folks to preserve the natural instinct as an important part of the whole nature of the Beauceron.


Herding tests and trials are sponsored by the American Kennel Club, as well as the North American Stock Dog Association, American Herding Breeds Association and the Australian Shepherd Club of America (whose trials are open to all herding breeds).


Herding Tests are beginning-level performance events that are judged as pass or fail. The AKC titles offered are Herding Tested (HT) for passing two entry-level tests and Pre Trial (PT) for passing two more difficult tests.

Herding trial titles are awarded by the AKC upon earning qualifying scores in three trials. Three levels of difficulty may be offered at a herding trial; Started, Intermediate and Advanced.


A trial may present one or more of three different course configurations; A, B or C and use three species of stock; sheep, ducks or cattle.


The levels of difficulty, and titles for achievement through the end of 2000 consisted of:

  • Herding Started (HS)

  • Herding Intermediate (HI)

  • Herding Advanced (HX)


Starting at the end of 2000, herding titles were expanded to specify the course (A, B or C), and the stock (s, d or c).

Upon accumulation of 15 points from placings in the Advanced class at Herding Trials, a dog is awarded the title "Herding Champion" (HC). If the dog also earns conformation Champion of Record, he or she is designated "Dual Champion" (DC).


INT/NAT SR CH Armored Rose A Warrior Among Us HT, JHD, CGC

Owned by Briana Aguon

INT/NAT SR CH Armored Rose Archangel JHD, CSAU, TT, CGC

Owned by Luke & Vicky Lisa