Anka was shown in the IABCA International shows with International judges. She had five shows in one weekend with 5 Firsts, 5 Best Females & 5 Best of Breeds.  She consistently placed in the Group, including Group I wins, giving her both her INTERNATIONAL and NATIONAL Championships. In the AKC shows, she was undefeated in the classes finishing her Championship easily. We lost her first Championship due to not completing paperwork in a timely manner so again she showed, again she remained undefeated in the classes, and again easily finished her AKC Championship. She had 7 shows as a Special resulting in 4 Best of Breeds, 2 Selects & 1 Best Opposite Sex at the 2015 AKC Eukanuba National Championship where she

finished her AKC Grand Championship. With only two weeks of showing, she finished 2015 as the #1 Beauceron bitch in the country. She was shown once more where she earned 2 Selects and a 1 Best Opposite Sex, all for 5 point majors.

Kea is pictured to the left at about 5 months of age. She was imported from Spain via the Czech Republic and we are very excited about this youngster! Like all of our dogs, Kea has received a full year of foundation training in obedience and sportwork. Whether she continues and trials or not, we at least have a sound idea of her temperament, character, drive and grips. Kea has her eyes OFA'd Normal, her elbows OFA'd Normal, her hips OFA'd Good and her heart OFA'd Normal via echocardiogram.

Pele is pictured to the left a day short of 5 weeks of age. Named after the Hawaiian Goddess of volcanoes, violence, wind & dance; this rare gem has added joy to our lives. Pele is easily the toughest bitch I've ever owned. She has incredible desire to please and never disappoints. She is absolutely fearless. A high energy high drive girl, she has won my heart and has become one of those rare "heart dogs". She can be a bit of a handful, always testing and pushing the  boundaries but in a self-confident desireable way. She brings an  intensity that makes her well-deserving of her name.


Margaux is pictured to the left at about 10 weeks of age. She is a self-confident somewhat pushy kind of dog. When she is not chasing bears off the property, she is always busy being the "wild child". Margaux belongs to my son and his girlfriend. Watch for Margaux to make her show debut in 2020 presented by Jennifer.

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Greta is a lovely younger full sister to Margaux. She is just a youngster, (pictured to the left at 6 months of age), and will also make her show debut in the puppy classes in 2020 presented by Jennifer.