Bred by Laila Ooms & Julen Fernandez
Owned by Jill Rose
Kea is Keakai Carla. Kea is unshown due to a strip of white on her chest. We shaved her chest and there are 3 tiny pea sized area of white, all of which would easily fit within a quarter with room to spare. Due to the length of the hairs and the staggered position of the pea-sized white, it creates a white strip. For this reason and because the AKC standard states that visible white greater than 1" is not allowed in the breed ring and is a DQ, she will never be shown in the AKC breed ring. That said, she is stunningly correct in structure; medium-small in size, but well within the standard. Full and correct dentition, scissors bite. Kea was started in French Ring and loves sport work. I would consider her a medium drive, medium-high energy happy worker. Now that she has started to mentally mature, we will revisit the sport field with her. She is also CHIC certified as her hips are OFA certified as "Good". Both her auscultation and echocardiogram are also OFA certified "Normal". Her eyes are OFA certified "Normal".

Kea's sire is the late great French dog, Comanche des Scorpions Intrepides, Ring 3, Selectifs. Comanche's pedigree reads like a Who's Who in Ringsport. He has multiple Ringsport titled dogs in each and every generation behind for 6 generations behind him including THIRTY-THREE (33) Ring 3 dogs, of which 22 are either CHT or Selectif dogs. Greats like Iqua, Ce, Roi, Ulkan, As, Ucar, Praxy and Persan. Kea's dam is the Czech Republic bitch, Jodie Warrior Soul. Jodie is a civil bitch who is a professional security dog. Kea has a littermate sister, Keakai Casha, who has her IPO 2.

KEAKAI "C" Litter

Bred by Julen Fernandez & Laila Ooms

Keakai Carla standing
Kea hips
Kea elbows
Kea eyes
Kea echocardiogram