Breeder Questionnaire

This Breeder Questionnaire has been designed to provide some insight into the kinds of questions that new puppy people should be asking their Breeders before placing a deposit on a puppy. Not all Breeders are as forthcoming as they should be with their disclosures, so I have provided this questionnaire that it may be easily printed out and completed as you interview your Breeder. The goal is just as my Puppy Application is intended to give me a global overview of your situation, the Breeder Questionnaire is intended to be helpful in giving you a global overview of your Breeder.

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Breeder Questionnaire


Breeder's Name:_____________________________________________________________________________________
Breeder's Kennel Name:________________________________________________________________________________
Street Address:_____________________________________________________________________________________
City:_____________________________________________State:___________________Zip Code:___________________
Home Phone:______________________Cell Phone:______________________Email:_______________________________


How long have you owned Beaucerons?_____________________________________________________________________
How long have you been a Beauceron Breeder?_________________________________________________________________ How many Beauceron litters have you produced?________________________________________________________________

How many Beauceron puppies have you produced?______________________________________________________________

(AKC requires all Breeders to keep records of litters produced and the resulting progeny.

Any Breeder should be able to tell you how many litters and puppies they have produced.)


What minimal health requirements do you have before breeding a dog?_________________________________________________


Have you ever had to replace a dog or refund a dog (partial or otherwise) for temperament issues?  Yes__________No__________

If yes, why?_______________________________________________________________________________________


Have you ever had to replace a dog or refund a dog (partial or otherwise) for health issuess?  Yes__________No__________

If yes, why?_______________________________________________________________________________________


Have you ever been involved in a law suit involving dogs?  Yes__________No__________

If yes, please explain:_________________________________________________________________________________



Has the SIRE & DAM of this litter been CHIC certified?  Yes_____No_____ If No, why not?___________________________________

(Occasionally, there is a reason that a dog has not passed a health clearance; in those cases, it is important to ascertain why not. It may be environmental as in the case of injury or viral related conditions. Regardless, no excuse should be offered without test results available and all Breeders should be more than willing to allow you to discuss with their Veterinarian any questions you may have regarding said condition. Most notably, NO DOGS with inheritable conditions should be used for breeding. All cardiac testing should be done via ECHOCARDIOGRAM by a Board Certified Cardiologists. Auscultations are unacceptable as they are unreliable and do not provide a complete view of what is going on.)

Has the SIRE OR DAM of this litter ever produced any:

Hip Dysplasia?  Yes_____No_____  If yes, how many? __________

Elbow Dysplasia?  Yes_____No_____ If yes, how many? __________

Eye concerns? (PLL, Pannus, Entropion, Ectropion, etc.) Yes_____No______ If yes, what? ____________________________________

Cardiac concerns? (Murmurs, DCM or any other cardiac conditions)  Yes_____No_____ If yes, what? _____________________________

Bad bites? (undershot, overshot, wrye, level)  Yes_____No______ If yes, what? __________________________________________

Epilepsy?  Yes_____No_____ If yes, how many? __________

Cancer?  Yes_____No_____ If yes, how many? __________

Allergies?  Yes_____No_____ If yes, how many? __________


Do you show your own dogs?  Yes__________No__________If yes, how long have you been showing?________________________

Have you bred any Champions?  Yes__________No__________If yes, how many?______________________________________
Have you ever had a dog excused from the Breed ring?  Yes__________No__________

If yes, how many times and for what reason?  Failure to stand for exam___________Lameness__________Attempt to bite___________

Disqualification__________ If disqualified, for what reason(s)_____________________________________________________


Do you work your own dogs?  Yes__________No__________If yes, in what venue?_____________________________________

Have you ever trialed and TITLED your own dogs?  Yes__________No__________If yes, in what venue?________________________

Please list any titles you have earned with your dog(s) in:







Name of Veterinary Hospital:____________________________________________________________________________
Name of Veterinarian:_________________________________________________________________________________
Veterinary phone number:______________________________________________________________________________
Note: If you cannot supply a vet reference, please give the reason why.

Those who are familiar with your experience as a Breeder. NO family members please.
Full name:____________________________Relationship:_______________________Phone  number:___________________
Full name:____________________________Relationship:_______________________Phone number:___________________

Full name:____________________________Relationship:_______________________Phone number:___________________


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