Artus at 3 months of age.


Artus is hands down our best dog. Rock solid fearless temperament when needed; yet forward, gregarious and social when meeting new people. Artus completed his UKC Championship with 4 Best of Breeds, 1 Group III and 3 Group IIs at 6 mos. & 3 days of age. At 7 months of age he flew to New York for the American Beauceron Club Nationals with a handler he didn't know and won his class every day that week except once when he placed 2nd. On the same day he placed 2nd, he still won his Sweepstakes class. We brought him home to let him finish growing and well, he grew and grew and is well over the standard. Consequently, rather than show an oversized dog in the breed ring, he was never shown again. His dam is two-time World Champion winner with her IPO I, his sister is also a two-time World Champion winner with her IPO III. His sire had his Brevet in Mondio Ring and too many Championships to count. Artus, while a big dog, has never produced an over-standard dog. That said, we have bred him to moderate sized bitches only and we do not stand him at public stud. Artus is a medium energy, medium drive dog with hard bites who routinely punctures through the bite suit. He thrives on the fight, the more pressure you bring, the more he ups his game.


Artus and Jennifer

Artus at 7 months of age at the

2013 American Beauceron Club National Specialty in New York.

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Artus foreign registration
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