Bred by Laila Ooms
Owned by Jennifer Rose
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Anka is INT/NAT/AKC GCH Nena Warrior Soul CSAU CHIC. Anka finished her first AKC Championship undefeated in the classes. Unfortunately, we did not process her foreign paperwork (she is a Czech Republic import) in a timely manner and lost her AKC Championship. So we got the paperwork done and showed her again. Again she was undefeated in the classes and finished very quickly. She then had 7 shows as a Special, with 4 Best of Breeds, 1 Best Opposite Sex and 2 Selects, all for 5 point majors. She ended up finishing 2015 as the #1 Beauceron Bitch in the USA after only two weeks/three weekends of showing. And although she is retired from the Breed ring now, we still brought her out for one weekend since we were showing Sayko anyway, and she again took 5 point majors every day with 1 Best Opposite Sex and 2 Selects over a huge entry each and every day; and this while in full bloom heat. Anka has been started in French Ring and loves sport work. I would consider her a medium drive, medium energy happy worker with a tinge of civil to her depending on the circumstances. She has her CSAU certification, (french temperament test) receiving "Excellent" in every single box. She is also CHIC certified as her hips are OFA certified as "Excellent". Both her auscultation and echocardiogram are also OFA certified "Normal". Her eyes are OFA certified "Normal". She has had both shoulders radiographed and found to be free of OCD as well as her spine radiographed and free of spondylosis. She is a very medium correct bitch with phenomenal movement and temperamentally, she is as sound as they come.

Anka's sire is the late great French dog, INT/NL/LUX/VDH CH Adventure Troy de la Pointe du Meingat UV, BH, IPO 3, Brevet OB, SpH1. Troy's sire is arguably one of the all-time great working Beaucerons, CHCS, CHCT Ring Seneque de la Dame de Coeur Ring 3, Selectifs. Seneque's sire was a Ring 2 dog sired by a Ring 3 dog who himself was the son of yet another Ring 3 dog who was also '90/'91 Selectifs. Seneque's dam had her Brevet in Ring and was the daughter of the '96 CHCS dog, who in turn was sired by the '95 World Champion, '94 CHCS and out of the '91 CHCS, '95 World Champion. (Seneque's maternal grand dam was also the daughter of the '95 CHCS dog.) Troy's dam goes back to several Ring 3 dogs, including Barouk, Praxi, Balkan and Ce. Anka's dam is the Czech Republic bitch, J-CH Desire Warrior Soul ZVV 1 (equivalent to IPO 1) ZOP. Desire is sired by Ook Argente who had titles in Agility and was out of a bitch with her Brevet in Ring. She was sired by another Brevet Ring dog who was also the '92 CHCS who in turn was sired by yet another '82 CHCS dog. Desire's dam is one of the Warrior Soul foundation bitches, Acanthe Warrior Soul, BH, ZVV 1 (equivalent to IPO 1). Acanthe was sired by Lux CH Udson du Murier de Sordeille, a grandson of the '95 World Champion/'94 CHCS dog. On the bottom, Acanthe is out of the original Warrior Soul foundation bitch, JCH./CR/INT CH Cedra z Vrabske tvrze ZOP, ZZO, ZPU 1, ZM, OB 1, VZH, BH, IPO 3. Anka's littermate sister Neliss was the 2014 World Champion. Naira has her BH, ZZO, ZVOP, ZM. Naya has her ZVV 1 (equivalent to IPO 1). Neige has her BH, VT.

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